What are the Planetary Combinations for Success in Politics?

Politics is a suitable arena for those who can think years ahead, strategize and create history. One wrong decision from a politician would send the entire project to doom, and a correct decision, if done, would raise the international ranking of a country. People normally are in awe of politics as it is such a powerful position that also depends on how well you carry yourself as a leader. Not everyone who tries his hand at this can be successful. You must know if you are destined for it, and astrology helps immensely in this regard.

What are the planets that augur well for a political career?

Planets that augur well for a political career are Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. It would help if you had some important personality attributes to show promise as a politician. Powerful interaction, mature worldview, powers of public speech, boldness, man-management, and tact make you a promising candidate that is slotted for success in this field. 

Sun: Sun denotes power and leadership potential. He must be considered primarily to see if you have any chance for political success. 

Moon: Moon, if well placed and strong, makes the native very firm and confident. It enables him to be aware of the masses' pulse and rule the masses with an iron grip. With Moon in exaltation, or in own house, or Kendra or trikona houses assures the native a political career. 

Jupiter: Jupiter takes care of reputation, has control over the goodwill of people, and represents justice and Fairplay. Very sincere politicians are born under this confluence. 

Mars: Mars blesses political ambitions. He imparts a tenacious spirit and a never-say-die attitude to the native under his influence. This is an important must-have for a politician. 

Saturn: Saturn also stands for justice, a willingness to serve, caution and care, wisdom, and a capacity to interact with the masses. 

Rahu: Rahu is known as a master manipulator; He should be well placed.


Planetary Combinations for Politics or Minister in Birth Chart

Certain potent Planetary Combinations for success in politics are as follows:

  • Sun exalted or in swasthana, or the 10th or 9th houses, and Rahu, associated with sixth, eleventh, or the tenth houses, shows a promising future in politics. 

  • If Mercury is combined with Sun in the 2nd, 6th, or 12th houses, and Jupiter is strongly disposed of in the chart, the native's life may take a turn towards politics. 

  • Jupiter in square or trine, and the ninth, seventh and tenth house or their lords are beneficially associated with it shows success in elections and politics. 

  • An association between the tenth house or its Lord or 10th with the 7th or sixth house or their Lord, the native would enjoy a future in politics.

  • Rahu associated with the tenth, in a chart, shows a political curve in the native's life. 

  • Politics is on the cards if exalted Saturn and mars are linked with the tenth, fourth, and Saturn occupies sixth and the eleventh house. 

  • When more than three planets are exalted, in their own house or in Kendra, Success is assured. 

  • People with the above planetary confluences, born under Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio ascendants, are made of the stuff the prime ministers are made of. 

Which other astrological Combinations indicate a Career in Politics?

Certain other Astrological Combinations indicate a powerful career in politics, and they are as follows. 

When Kendra and trikonadhipatis are mutually aspecting or in combination with each other, Raja yoga is formed. This assures success in politics. Dhana yoga is essential for a politician. It is formed when lords of ascendant and the 2nd, 5thm, 9th, or 11th are interconnected. It is said to have formed. Jupiter and Moon conjunct in square or opposition, it forms the Gaja Kesari yoga. Sun and Mercury's conjunction in some houses form the 

Budhadhitya Yoga. In the 10th from the ascendant with no malefic aspects, Mercury shows international fame or karmajiva yoga. Parivarthan yoga is formed when lords of two signs exchange each other's positions. 

Chandra Mangala Yoga forms when Moon and Mars are combined or in mutual aspect, and it gives great manipulatory powers to the native. Mahabhagya yoga is formed in the case of a male child when the birth is during the daytime, and Sun, Moon, and Lagna occupy odd signs. In the case of females, born during the night, the Sun, Moon, and Lagna would be occupying even signs to form the mahabhagya yoga. Ruchak Yoga, Bhadra Yoga, Hansa Yoga, Malavya Yoga, Shasha Yoga form the major Pancha mahapurusha yogas. You can say that these yogas are found to exist when any planet occupies swasthana, exaltation points, or squares. If two or three planets are found in vargottamamsha, one can expect a career in politics. This is otherwise known as vargottama yoga.

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